Lahore, Pakistan 
26-29th April, 2018

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Istanbul, Turkey
14-17 April, 2018

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Giacarta, Indonesia
4-7 April, 2018


These BUSI models are simply unique in the market.These BUSI models are simply unique in the market.

Their peculiarity consists in the possibility of transferring not only from the dial needles to the cylinder, but from the cylinder needles to the dial too.

17l13 completion

After several years from our first attempts in this specific and binding sector, we have recently completed the whole range of machines capable of knitting certified-compression medical socks, by adding a 5-inch diameter to the previously existing ones of 4" and 4.5".


We have recently organized this event, with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, http://icham.org/en/event/1067/seminar-italian-technology-vietnam%E2%80%99s-garment-and-textile-industry, involving two more Italian excellence-companies in the textile sector: www.tonello.com and www.morgantecnica.it.

model J TERRYWe have recently developed the possibility, only with reference to our models IDEA TERRY and J-TERRY, to obtain a pattern also covering the whole heel area of a sock and coherently extending until the gore-lines (see attached photo).


We herewith inform you that our model LIGHT MP, with diameter 3 ½" and needle counts from 72 to 108 (gauge 24), duly equipped with a specific device, is also capable of knitting ties like the ones you can appreciate in the photographs here below.


Combining the double-layer technology of our machine BUSI TWIN LAYER with its capability of knitting selected terry too, we have recently developed a peculiar and unique sock named THERMO-TWIN, whose quilted aspect may be appreciated in the attached photographs. Thanks to the consistent quantity of air trapped between the two layers and the obtained micro-cushions, such sock guarantees an extremely high thermal insulation, what makes it absolutely perfect for any outdoor purposes.


We would like to herewith inform you that BUSI have just established a marketing and commercial partnership with FILMAR (http://www.filmar.it/EN), one of the most prestigious Italian cotton yarn manufacturers, geographically based still in the world-famous Brescia district, where BUSI have their plant too.

New model Doppio Terry with unique features

Broad rib like double-cylinder machines
Embroidery patterns like single-cylinder machines
Smooth terry quality like single-cylinder machines
Double welt like single-cylinder machines

All in the same machine!
All in the same sock!

years in the business

customers served

export countries throughout the world

machines built so far

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