BUSI® and GordiniTM partnership wins ISPO Innovation Award!

The Midweight Winhall Sock for ski and snow wins a 2023 ISPO Innovation Award in Germany.

BUSI® Italy and GordiniTM USA partner to introduce unique twin layer socks for the technical ski and outdoor market thanks to BUSI® patented TWIN LAYER sock-knitting machine.

Botticino (Italy, September 2023

BUSI® proud to be present in the whole world with unique sock-knitting machines

Watch this video and enjoy the TV interview to BUSI GIOVANNI for our 65th anniversary


Botticino (Italy), January 2023

BUSI® to Exhibit at DTG 2023 in Dhaka
15 – 18 February

Friends and New Friends,
Happy to notify that BUSI® will be exhibiting at DTG Dhaka Textile Garment &Textile 2023 in Dhaka (Bangladesh).

Our Exclusive Agent, IMA Far East Ltd., will host our staff and introduce you to BUSI® unique sock-knitting machinery https://youtu.be/CLNRubPD3Vk


Visit BUSI®  at DTG 2023 in Dhaka

ifel logo

IMA Far East Ltd.
booth 1-157 in hall 1

Feel free to contact:

Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director: pc.baldracchi@busigiovanni.com


Botticino (Italy), January 2023

BUSI® to Exhibit in ITMA, Milan – Italy

busi ITMA 2023

Enjoy watching





Feel free to contact:

Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director: pc.baldracchi@busigiovanni.com

Botticino (Italy), 7 December 2022

BUSI® Christmas Sock

To anybody worldwide, BUSI® wishes for a Merry Christmas with our Christmas sock to keep you happily warm.



Want to knit it flawlessly with a unique sock-knitting machine? Contact us to get all details of this BUSI® model.

Feel free to contact:

Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director: pc.baldracchi@busigiovanni.com

Botticino (Italy), September 2021

BUSI® machines of our three lines (GOLD, PLATINUM, MEDICAL) can make several sorts of products like a huge variety of unparalleled socks, fashion ties and gloves as well as, sports items (leg warmers, knee pads, elbow guards).

BUSI® machinery can also make sports items having more plus and benefits.

Our machines are normally fitted out with latch needles also in the dial enabling to produce 1 x 1 true rib, jacquard patterns, and a couple of colours.

Sports items are additionally

  • much stretcher than traditional jacquard knit
  • much more comfortable
  • fit like a glove
  • no floating yarns

sock knitting


Botticino (Italy), July 2021

BUSI® TO PARTICIPATE in IGATEX, LAHORE - Pakistan | 1 - 4 December 2022

Come and visit BUSI® booth 1-161 in hall1 at Lahore Expo Center (Lahore, Pakistan) in December

Our Exclusive Agent, Usman Imran Industrial Services, will be welcoming you!

Hence, you will find out to which extent BUSI® sock-knitting machinery is truly unique without any rival on a global scale. It’s a time to enjoy.

We do want your production with your BUSI® machinery to run more efficiently and more smoothly. And we do want your personnel to work in a cleaner environment that makes them happier and then more productive.

Feel free to contact:

Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director: pc.baldracchi@busigiovanni.com

Botticino (Italy), 1 Decembrer 2021

Two Italian Brands, Two Excellences to Work Together for You BUSI® with Canalair

BUSI® is partnering with leading Italy based Canalair Engineering (https://www.canalair.it/en/busi/), a manufacturer and installer of complete systems for filtration, humidification, conditioning, ventilation, and heating and cooling systems for industry.

BUSI® will now offer its customers a new air suction solution which will help their machinery run more efficiently and create a cleaner working environment for their employees.

canalair 4

We do want your production with your BUSI® machinery to run more efficiently and more smoothly. And we do want your personnel to work in a cleaner environment that makes them happier and then more productive.

Feel free to contact Eng. Leonardo Busi, Technical Director at leonardo.busi@busigiovanni.com

Botticino (Italy), May 2021

SME | Internationalization

Approach to Foreign Markets - International Marketing Strategies

A Case History

busi firm

Teacher: Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Comm. & Marketing Director

Prof. Dr. Sandro Trento
Full Professor
Università degli Studi, Trento (ITALY)
Dept. of Economics and Management

Academic Year 2020-2021
April – May 2021

universitas athesina

Botticino (Italy), April 2021

Dear Partners from all over the world,

Since last year despite Covid and its sanitary, economic, and social consequences BUSI GIOVANNI (Italy) has been committed to doing its best to improve lots of its internal activities as well as its manufacturing site.

Today we are pleased to notify that recently we have successfully achieved the trademark international registration definitely, which represents our 63-year old company’s flagship.

At present BUSI brand is registered then in the European Union, in the U.S.A., in China, in Russia, and in Turkey.

To be continued…

Botticino (Italy), March 2021

Here we are to invite you to have a look at our full range of unparalleled sock-knitting machines

Three specific Lines: GOLD, PLATINUM, MEDICAL.

Each one of the three meets Customers’ definite requirements, and satisfies increasingly demanding Consumers’ preferences, taste and exigence.

You will then benefit from distinctive advantages and matchless plus vs other machines available on the global markets.

From our GOLD Line

First-class socks for babies, children, adults

gold lines


From our PLATINUM Line

Our flagship and BUSI’s pride without any competing rival worldwide

Amongst unique plus broad rib socks with or without terry,

4 pattern and two-layer socks with selected terry, true rib and 5 pattern colours


From our MEDICAL Line

Superior sock-knitting machines for certified-compression medical socks in classes 1, 2, 3

Doesn’t your final Client want to give up fashionable socks with trendy pattern? No problem!

medical line

BUSI Medical machines manage to satisfy the most demanding Client who does want good-looking socks with true rib and up to 5 pattern colours plus 1.


Feel free to contact  Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director at pc.baldracchi@busigiovanni.com

Botticino (Italy), January 2021

BUSI® Just Got a Visit from a VIP
An Amazing Piece of News for All BUSI Partners!

Glad to notify Mr. Bernie Sanders has visited BUSI company, too, soon after US President Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20th January.


By the way, you know that our BUSI 500 can knit mittens like the ones Bernie was wearing?

Jen Ellis, a primary school teacher from Mr. Sanders’ home state of Vermont, knitted them. She has just been asked to knit 6.000 pairs of those mittens, but denied: “It takes a long time to knit a pair of mittens like those, and for 6.000 pairs... mission impossible!” – she stated.


Want to get mittens exactly how Bernie’s ones are?
No problem!
Here can help our BUSI 500 machine that can knit one pair of mittens with patterns in five minutes only!


Feel free to contact us:
Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director at pc.baldracchi@busigiovanni.com

You Always Feel Safe in Our Facilities

We always promote responsible behaviour and operating actively in order to safeguard and protect our employees’ health and safety.

In such an emergency situation due to Coronavirus our ethical commitment is equally strong and has become increasingly solid.

We do want you to be certain and ensure you that BUSI is currently adopting all the preventive and precautionary measures provided by the Italian Ministry of Health and other Public Authorities.

Such measures, which have been approved by the European Union, too, have promptly been taken since February for the sake of protecting all our employees, all our Customers and all people with whom we get in touch every day.

Actually our premises, both offices and the manufacturing area, are being constantly sanitized with proper detergents at least three times a day, and all of us wear protective masks keeping social distancing.

In all rooms antibacterial soap dispensers are available.


We are then keeping being operative as usually thus feel free to get in touch directly with our commercial team and technical staff so no requests will remain pending.

Feel free to email to Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial&Marketing Direction pc.baldracchi@busigiovanni.com

Botticino (Italy), June 2020

New Versions Available to Make Yourself Different from Competition!

Great news for you!
Over the last few months BUSI team has worked hard to make excellent improvements to our sock graphics software ART-GEN.

You well know the potential value of our high-performing, effective ART-GEN software which is also truly user-friendly even for beginners.

And you are familiar with its highly intuitive features enabling you to generate customized sock knitting programs in few minutes, and ready to be sent and installed onto your knitting machine.

Nevertheless, what you may not know is that ART-GEN is constantly being implemented and bettered by our technical staff.

art gen sock design

New versions are always on the way version the latest one.

Our team found inspiration in a very special place and went on to develop multiple novel applications for its socks knitting machines.



 Over the last few difficult months due to Covid19 BUSI has turned such a bad situation into a good opportunity to reorganize their production plant.

As to BUSI machines’ optimization we also held remote brainstorming sessions on “Can they make other products in addition to the several types of (beautiful) socks?”

A very useful and moving coaching with Mauro Scarpari - an Italian smiling positive-thinking paralympic athlete, who rides his handbike in the Italian official team of able-bodied riders and is the only one among them being committed to the collective issue #vivalavita (i.e. Cheers to life!) of social inclusion in the sports world - was the occasion to revive our soul and to give our mind a new lease of life from the “darkness” of Corona virus.
Mauro taught us that negative life experiences as his – he had a bad accident during an off-road motocross race which confined him to a wheelchair – can bring “golden chances” out we’d never get.

Thus, our uproarious answer to the above question was a great “Yes, they can!!!”

Actually novel uses of BUSI one-cylinder sock-knitting machines include: protective masks, mittens, scarves, ties, hoods, wrist cuffs, sleeves, elbow caps, knee pads, leg warmers.


(Mauro Scarpari and Mario Cipollini on a training session to promote sports to the young, 2020)

paralympic busi

Botticino (Italy), April 2020

A bridge between the year 1973 when Giovanni Busi, the founder, set up a trade partnership with a US distributor and the year 2020 which represents our company’s renewed challenge to relaunch BUSI brand in the U.S.A.

BUSI New Training Room Gianmario Busi

Currently we are investing in looking for local representatives that will be entitled to promote and to sell BUSI sock-knitting machines.

Our main goal is to establish a mutual profitable long-term business relationship on exclusive basis in the American market.

Turn-key projects for U.S. start-ups will also be one of BUSI’s services to American sock-producers.

BUSI New Training Room Gianmario Busi

BUSI proudly announces  the new training room Gianmario Busi built to honour Gianmario Busi, beloved brother and father, has recently become operational.

Such an area has been conceived in order to provide the best user learning and training experience to all our customers worldwide.

Inside the room a knitting-machine will be placed for your perusal and training.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in our premises to experience that!




Lahore, Pakistan 
26-29th April, 2018

indo inter tex logo 13235


Istanbul, Turkey
14-17 April, 2018

indo inter tex logo 13235


Giacarta, Indonesia
4-7 April, 2018


These BUSI models are simply unique in the market.These BUSI models are simply unique in the market.

Their peculiarity consists in the possibility of transferring not only from the dial needles to the cylinder, but from the cylinder needles to the dial too.

17l13 completion

After several years from our first attempts in this specific and binding sector, we have recently completed the whole range of machines capable of knitting certified-compression medical socks, by adding a 5-inch diameter to the previously existing ones of 4" and 4.5".


We have recently organized this event, with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, http://icham.org/en/event/1067/seminar-italian-technology-vietnam%E2%80%99s-garment-and-textile-industry, involving two more Italian excellence-companies in the textile sector: www.tonello.com and www.morgantecnica.it.

model J TERRYWe have recently developed the possibility, only with reference to our models IDEA TERRY and J-TERRY, to obtain a pattern also covering the whole heel area of a sock and coherently extending until the gore-lines (see attached photo).


We herewith inform you that our model LIGHT MP, with diameter 3 ½" and needle counts from 72 to 108 (gauge 24), duly equipped with a specific device, is also capable of knitting ties like the ones you can appreciate in the photographs here below.


Combining the double-layer technology of our machine BUSI TWIN LAYER with its capability of knitting selected terry too, we have recently developed a peculiar and unique sock named THERMO-TWIN, whose quilted aspect may be appreciated in the attached photographs. Thanks to the consistent quantity of air trapped between the two layers and the obtained micro-cushions, such sock guarantees an extremely high thermal insulation, what makes it absolutely perfect for any outdoor purposes.


We would like to herewith inform you that BUSI have just established a marketing and commercial partnership with FILMAR (http://www.filmar.it/EN), one of the most prestigious Italian cotton yarn manufacturers, geographically based still in the world-famous Brescia district, where BUSI have their plant too.

New model Doppio Terry with unique features

Broad rib like double-cylinder machines
Embroidery patterns like single-cylinder machines
Smooth terry quality like single-cylinder machines
Double welt like single-cylinder machines

All in the same machine!
All in the same sock!

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