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Centralized suction system for production waste

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The specific study relating to the efficiency of centrifugal fans allows SMART management of consumption.


  • Optimization of electricity consumption (-30%)
  • Centralization of waste
  • Discharge of thermal loads inside the production room
  • Reduction of maintenance interventions
  • Suction fans located in technical areas outside the production room and integrated with frequency variators
  • Soundproofing of the fans in the presence of high noise emissions

The suction of technological air represents only the first step of intervention within a modern production room.

The air flow sucked in from the Busi production machines, if not counterbalanced, would automatically create a situation of NEGATIVE PRESSURE inside the room.

CANALAIR proposes a balancing system totally integrated with the suction system, which takes advantage, in certain situations, of the hot and dry air coming from the production process and therefore from the filtering system.


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  • Stability of process conditions: control of thermo-hygrometric conditions
  • Optimal conditions for management of all electronic component
  • Longer UPTIME / Environmental dedusting
  • Solutions which can be integrated with 4.0 Directive


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