Unlike other competitors, BUSI sock knitting machines can knit true rib socks. This feature sets our machines apart from all the others around the world. BUSI knitting machine users can manufacture the best TRUE RIB sock, both terry (18 – 24 gauge) and classic (200-240-280 gauge).

Another world-wide unique feature is the ability to combine selected terry and the true rib feature in the same sock (both classic and sport socks).

An additional quality of our machines is the ability to knit both sandwich and normal terry in the same sock without any mechanical changes: just a simple program change is needed (our competitors require intensive mechanical changes).

Moreover if you compare the “IDEA” model with competitors’ machines that offer the true rib capability, you will immediately note that IDEA can produce socks with 6 COLOURS plus the background (the competition can handle only 3 colours). Only our machines can offer you the combination of terry and true rib at very fine gauges, up to 240 needles.

BUSI sock knitting machines mean top quality and top performance.
Our machines are not mass produced; they are made to order. Each and every machine is customized according to the customer’s requirements.
The quality of the raw materials we use, the extreme care applied in manufacture and the high level of technology applied guarantee a top quality. As a result, BUSI sock machines are renowned world-wide for their longer lives and excellent performance.





Capability to produce true rib socks with 6 colours and the background. v x
Capability to combine true rib terry and selected terry up to 240 needles. v x
Capability to change from normal terry to “sandwich” terry without requiring any mechanical changes to the machine. v x
Capability to produce socks with a sandwich terry area and a normal terry area (leg and top of foot in sandwich terry, sole in normal terry). v x
Capability to install a Rimaglio device for the Classic Linking loop by loop for up to 320 Needles v x
Capability to knit double layered socks and/or socks with inside pouch. v x
Capability to knit broad rib socks (7/3 – 8/2 etc.) in combination with embroidery pattern and terry. v x


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