«…We bought second-hand BUSI machines made early 2000. We refurbished them and now they are ready to run.
These machines are really good, so please don’t tell me that they are obsolete! » - says Luís Costa (Faria da Costa Lda – Owner)


Luis Costa in the manufacturing site of his factory, FARIA da COSTA Lda, with one of their
20-year-old BUSI sock-knitting machines

Thank you for the training and the many things we learned during the very short time. We will do our best at home when the machine will arrive.
Enclosed you will find the photo of our small group at the end.


 Hochschule Niederrhein, Textil- und Bekleidungstechnik
University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology
Mönchengladbach, Germany
From the left: Ezio Piccini, Alessandro, Frank Heimlich, Giovanni Busi, Marc Weber & Gianmario Busi

Meias Centope, a primeira fabrica no Brasil a adquirir maquinas Busi com classic linking.


Cerquilho - SP – Brazil
Roberto Moretti

We couldn’t supply a picture of anyone working on a machine as they don’t often break down.


Victoria - Australia
Rob Law

L’Istituto di biomateriali e biomeccanica della Riga Technical University (Lettonia) ha scelto le macchine BUSI per l’addestramento degli studenti iscritti al corso “Structure, properties and calculations of the main basic and combined interlacing & technological processes on textile machines”.

Utilizzando una macchina BUSI, la Dott.ssa in Scienze Tecniche Inga Lyashenko della Riga Technical University ha realizzato diversi campioni di calze con uno speciale filato di ambra per il quale, in data 30.11.2009, ha ricevuto il premio "The most unique product” al concorso “Latvia can” da parte del Presidente della DnB NORD Bank, Andris Ozolins.  Vedi fotografia allegata.

La Dott.ssa in Scienze Tecniche Inga Lyashenko commenta così la sua esperienza con una macchina Busi:


Based on modern  technological equipment of the company BUSI GIOVANNI we conducted laboratory work for students. Using innovative yarns, we knitted samples of products with different interlacings. The textile machinery of the company BUSI GIOVANNI  is very well designed, fairly easy to manage and very productive. It is designed so that you can use different types of threads, alone and in combination.
We want to thank you for the opportunity to work on these machines!

doc-stu-uni-riga universita-riga

Docenti e studenti della Riga Technical University (Lettonia) accanto ad una macchina Busi.

La Dott.ssa in Scienze Tecniche Inga Lyashenko della Riga Technical University (Lettonia) mentre riceve il premio "The most unique product" al concorso "Latvia can" in data 30.11.2009 dal Presidente della DnB NORD Bank, Andris Ozolins.

We use these two machines to knit Fine Australian (19 micron) Merino Wool and they have worked well without problems since installation.


Croydon, Vic., Australia
Gary German a sinistra, Rio Christyanto a destra.

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