Botticino (Italy), January 2021

BUSI® Just Got a Visit from a VIP
An Amazing Piece of News for All BUSI Partners!

Glad to notify Mr. Bernie Sanders has visited BUSI company, too, soon after US President Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20th January.


By the way, you know that our BUSI 500 can knit mittens like the ones Bernie was wearing?

Jen Ellis, a primary school teacher from Mr. Sanders’ home state of Vermont, knitted them. She has just been asked to knit 6.000 pairs of those mittens, but denied: “It takes a long time to knit a pair of mittens like those, and for 6.000 pairs... mission impossible!” – she stated.


Want to get mittens exactly how Bernie’s ones are?
No problem!
Here can help our BUSI 500 machine that can knit one pair of mittens with patterns in five minutes only!


Feel free to contact us:
Paola Claudia Baldracchi, Commercial & Marketing Director at

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