17l13 completion

After several years from our first attempts in this specific and binding sector, we have recently completed the whole range of machines capable of knitting certified-compression medical socks, by adding a 5-inch diameter to the previously existing ones of 4" and 4.5".

Every machine is equipped with two feeds for the main yarns, plus two more feeds for elastic ones. Sandwich terry option on the TERRY version only.

All of these versions are obviously available equipped with our RIMAGLIO automatic, stitch-by-stitch, toe-closing device, even up to the highest possible gauges.

Please find following a brief summary of the available versions, with relevant ranges of needle counts:


4"         200 - 320 needles
4.5"      226 - 360 needles
5"         320 - 400 needles


4"         200 - 240 needles
4.5"      226 - 280 needles
5"         240 - 310 needles

Please feel free to request more clarifications and/or sock samples knitted on the above mentioned machines.

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