Our team found inspiration in a very special place and went on to develop multiple novel applications for its socks knitting machines.



 Over the last few difficult months due to Covid19 BUSI has turned such a bad situation into a good opportunity to reorganize their production plant.

As to BUSI machines’ optimization we also held remote brainstorming sessions on “Can they make other products in addition to the several types of (beautiful) socks?”

A very useful and moving coaching with Mauro Scarpari - an Italian smiling positive-thinking paralympic athlete, who rides his handbike in the Italian official team of able-bodied riders and is the only one among them being committed to the collective issue #vivalavita (i.e. Cheers to life!) of social inclusion in the sports world - was the occasion to revive our soul and to give our mind a new lease of life from the “darkness” of Corona virus.
Mauro taught us that negative life experiences as his – he had a bad accident during an off-road motocross race which confined him to a wheelchair – can bring “golden chances” out we’d never get.

Thus, our uproarious answer to the above question was a great “Yes, they can!!!”

Actually novel uses of BUSI one-cylinder sock-knitting machines include: protective masks, mittens, scarves, ties, hoods, wrist cuffs, sleeves, elbow caps, knee pads, leg warmers.


(Mauro Scarpari and Mario Cipollini on a training session to promote sports to the young, 2020)

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