Because of their state-of-the-art technology, the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomechanics of the Riga Technical University (Latvia) has chosen Busi machines for the instruction of students enrolled in the course “Structure, properties and calculations of the main basic and combined interlacing & technological processes on textile machines”.

Using a Busi machine, Inga Lyashenko of the Riga Technical University produced different example of socks made from special amber thread for which she received an award for "the most unique product” in the “Latvia Can” competition on 30th November 2009 from the President of DnB NORD Bank, Andris Ozolins.  See the photograph. Inga Lyashenko had this to say about her experience with a Busi machine:


Based on modern  technological equipment of the company BUSI GIOVANNI we conducted laboratory work for students. Using innovative yarns, we knitted samples of products with different interlacings. The textile machinery of the company BUSI GIOVANNI  is very well designed, fairly easy to manage and very productive. It is designed so that you can use different types of threads, alone and in combination.
We want to thank you for the opportunity to work on these machines!

doc-stu-uni-riga universita-riga
First employees of lab BTMZP of Riga Technical University, Latvia. Inga Lyashenko of the Riga Technical University, Latvia – while being awarded the prize "The most unique product" at the contest "Latvia can" on 30th November 2009 by the President of DnB NORD Bank, Andris Ozolins.

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