Busi Twin Layer Sock Knitting MachineBUSI TWIN LAYER is a high production single cylinder sock machine with latch needles in the dial that enable it producing technical sport socks with twin fabric. The machine is provided with a patented device that uses the dial needle for the production of an internal layer and the cylinder needles for the production of the external layer.
The two fabrics that form the sock are knitted contemporarily and can be joined at whish, they merge in one only fabric at the welt at the heel and at the toe of the sock. This way the two fabrics cannot slide one onto the other.
The above feature, added to the fact that of course the two fabrics can be knitted using different fibers and that the machine is provided with a device for the selected terry, gives the possibility to produce "technical socks" having textile features that were not possible until today.
This fact, in addition to the possibility to have the double layer in only certain parts of the sock (only foot or only sole) will offer to the users of this machine the possibility to knit highly innovative products.In addition to this, in case of patterned socks, the yarn ends that normally are inside the sock will be "packed" in between the two layers thus ensuring a better comfort and a perfect wearing of the sock.
The terry device enables the machine knitting the sandwich terry and the normal terry even in the same sock without any mechanical change. It also enables the fully automatic switching from plain stitch to half terry and to full terryThe features of the machine are listed in the table below.



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